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Dear Dr. Rasmussen,

First and foremost I would like to thank you for succeeding in treating my chronic cough with acupuncture. As I explained to you I have had this cough for almost three years and have been treated by my own doctor with antibiotics, steroids and a multitude of different medications. As the cough continued I was sent to a Pulmonary Specialist, allergy specialist, ENT at Loma Linda University, digestive center, another try at a different ENT doctor and to a cardiologist and then back to the Pulmonary Specialist. The results were all the same, no change in the cough. The last ENT doctor I went to said, "There is nothing I can do for you.", you might try changing your blood pressure medicine (which I did), keep cough drops in your mouth at all times and gave me a prescription for steroids (which were the same steroids my doctor had given me early on) and a note that said I wasn't contagious that I had a chronic cough in case I was on a plane/restaurant or somewhere that people would be concerned with my cough. She proceeded to explain to me that acupuncture began some 3,000 years ago with someone just like me who had something "haywire" and they began using needles until the person seemed to be better. She also stated that she didn't believe in acupuncture. Had she not been so rude I would of never have thought to try acupuncture. It set off a thought wave and after I went home very upset, I told my husband (who is a chiropractic patient of yours) that I was going to call and see if you have ever treated anyone with a chronic cough. You personallyu returned my call the same day and suggested I come in for a consultation. You worked diligently to find answers and suggestions for me, ie. hone/lemon, change my diet and be sure to keep myself hydrated, etc. To be able to sleep through the night without waking up 5-8 times coughing, to have a telephone conversation and be able to complete it without having to hang up because I couldn't stop coughing or to eat a meal without any coughing is just wonderful! You have truly given me my life back and I will be forever grateful to you. I am sure I will need some "follow-up sessions", but I know they will be successful! I couldn't have asked for any better fcare than what you provided. With much thanks and appreciation. Warmly, Ricki Hendricks

Dear Dr. Rasmussen,

I spent six months under medical attention for bronchial infections. After receiving treatment from three medical doctors with little relief, I made an appointment with Dr.Rasmussen for acupuncture treatment. I have never had acupuncture treatment before and frankly I was a little nervous. After three weeks of treatment I felt like all my bronchial problems were solved. Once again I am back to health……THANK YOU Dr. Rasmussen.

Neil, CA

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My name is Louis

I have had carpal tunnel syndrome for many years. I have taken many different medications it always seemed nothing would work. I finally went to a Orthopedic Surgeon, I was told my carpal tunnel was very severe, they could do the surgery but it probably wouldn’t do any good. I was scheduled for surgery. In the mean time I was talking to Dr. Donelle Rasmussen, she told me she would try Acupuncture on both my wrists I was unable to use my fingers, I would drop things it was very frusterating, after a few treatments I am able to bend my fingers and make a fist. I would recommend it to anyone, because it truly has helped me. So any one that has a problem like I had please call Dr. Donelle Rasmussen

Very Truly Yours,
Louis Alexander

In July 2008,

I was diagnosed with a severe case of De Quervain’s tenosynovitis of the left thumb/wrist. The MRI actually showed a hole in my tendon. So I went to see an orthopedic surgeon who prescribed occupational therapy with a hand specialist twice per weef for a month and that I wear a brace on my wrist 24/7. I did this with slight improvements. He then prescribed another month of therapy…again with slight improvements. This went on for a total of four months and at the end of the fourth month, I met Dr. Rasmussen do to a back injury. During my chiropractic visit with her, I asked her if she could do anything for my left wrist. I explained the situation and she said that acupuncture would help. i asked if she could see me that day, which was Christmas Eve, and she said to come back at noon. I did and within one hour I had full range of motion back in my thumb!!! I was absolutely astounded. I then saw her twice per week for a month and after the third visit I was able to turn my wrist side-to-side with full range of motion!!! Again, astounded. At the end of the month I saw my orthopadic surgeon and he dismissed me from his care as my range of motion had returned to normal. After four months of occupational thereapy my wrist saw slight improvements month-to-month. But after just a few visits with Dr. Rasmussen, I saw monumental improvements. So for anyone who is struggling with pain that traditional medicine is not addressing, I highly recommend seeing Dr. Rasmussen for acupuncture. I have actually had acupuncture in the past, but have never had such immediate results…Thank you Dr. Rasmussen!

Angie Knierim

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